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gmail 邮件被黑客删除,google对用户表示歉意


12月18日,部分gmail用户发现自家邮件被无辜删除,4天后google 解决掉问题,并对丢失邮件的用户表示歉意。

据TechCrunch报道,前几天部分用户向gmail problem solving 投诉说他们Gmail 里的邮件被无故的删除掉了。

看来事情比较严重,group 里顿时吵得沸沸扬扬,甚至有用户分析到,可能是fx2.0.0.0 的安全漏洞,劝大家快去升级fx ,不过这些东西都有待考证。

可是麻烦却接踵而至,又有人发现,他的gmail 邮件不仅被删除殆尽,而且留下了这样一条消息:
ok 很明显,这个圣诞节的礼物不怎么样。

12.22日,事发四天后,google 总部终于有了回应。不用说,好消息是:漏洞肯定被堵上了。坏消息是:据google官方称:一但 mail被删除,那么就再也找不回来了。they are gone forever. foverer and ever ……

# elfox:地震过后,当人们发现大部分网络工具都用不了的同时,万能的google 仍然毅力不倒。有人说google 是在这次网络灾难中表现最好的国际公司。是的,我们发现,google reader 能够正常的读取feedburner 的信息,gtalk 也没有msn 那样弱不经风,google docs甚至还能充当暂时的blog 发布工具,更别说google search了,硬是像啥事也没发生一样依旧那样的彪悍。即便是稍显脆弱的gmail,也能用https 或者 basic HTML 方式很好的读取邮件。

Oh My Google!不过,google 还不是god。


Found my account clean..nothing in Inbox, contacts ,sent mail..How can all these information residing in different folders disappear? ..How to write to gmail help team to restore the account..is it possible?..Where to report this abuse?.Any help ..Welcome..Thanks in advance ps101


This is not a mistake. All your emails and contacts have been deleted on purpose. This was a malicious attack and not an error. Have a nice day. =)”

Google 的回复:

Thank you all for reporting this issue. We apologize for the scare and
inconvenience that it’s causing. We’re actively investigating as we
speak, and we’ll follow up individually with users in this thread as we
get to the bottom of the problem.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Google to techCruch 的邮件:

Hi there TechCrunch folks,

We saw your post today about Gmail and wanted to let you know what was going on.

Regretfully, a small number of our users — around 60 — lost some or all of their email received prior to December 18th. Once we found out about this issue, we worked day and night to confirm that only a few accounts were affected and to do whatever we could to restore as much of the users’ accounts as we could. We’ve also reached out to the people who were affected to apologize and to work with them to restore the email from any personal backup they might have.

We know how important Gmail is to our users – we use it ourselves for our corporate email. We have extensive safeguards in place to protect email stored with Gmail and we are confident that this is a small and isolated incident.


#update :感谢chandler 指出错误

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